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David Lee

Senior Web Developer - IT enthusiast

I am a system engineer and an IT teacher, i love knowledge, it’s what it moves me, in my daily life i can’t use something if I don’t know how it works or how was made, this includes all around me, i like to write a lot about things that happened and that never happened, people says i have a very big imagination sometimes i can’t sleep because of it.

I believe in an integral education, too much specification is bad, that is why i like to learn in different fields, i can make you an App, a website but i also know how to put a serum or an injectable, or how to bake a cake, or teach how to dance salsa or bachata.

I like resolving issues and find a solution for it, that is my main skill, i have been developing websites since i was 16 years old (2002), and working as a freelancer since I finished my bachelor degree, always hired in another country, top rated upwork freelancer non-stop since the status was implemented.

As a person i am a bit unpredictable, i can be reading a book silently because i found a good one (i read the entire saga of Isaac Asimov), the next day i am going down a 90 meters tall waterfall, making tiramisu one Saturday. I like to eat a lot.

I like to talk when we have to talk, but if we have to do something else less chit-chat and more action, i like to think in binary, yes or no.